TRAIN, HEAL, AND TRANSFORM YOUR BODY AND MIND Our specialty is offering services to anyone at any fitness level.

Our program is designed to meet you where you are in terms of your current state and work to improve and enhance each individual based on their particular needs or goals. At MINDSET Fitness & Yoga we are dedicated to total wellness. Personal training is available, as well as a variety of yoga, meditation and tai chi classes to keep you energized and engaged! Adaptive training is also a main focus at MINDSET Fitness & Yoga, with programs and regimens geared to treat those living back, knee, ankle, balance problems. We offer a special professionalization for people living with with multiple sclerosis (MS). You are invited to become a part of the MINDSET family. Whether you want to transform, maintain, or improve your life, consider MINDSET Fitness & Yoga your total wellness destination.




Travis Ehrhardt was inspired over 15 years ago while on trip to California. While on a weekend vacation, he visited a gym that had special exercise services for people with multiple sclerosis. Travis was already a personal trainer working in Austin, Texas but knew little about multiple sclerosis. He met 3 women with multiple sclerosis and as they were leaving the exercise, he asked if exercise had helped them. He was blown away when they responded so passionately about the positive impact of exercise. It was at that moment Travis knew this was his calling. Because of those responses, Travis decided he would move to California and learn more about critical combination of mindful exercise, adaptive exercise and multiple sclerosis. more